Our development clients based in Northwest Arkansas needed to update their old website to reflect evolving plans. They’re reaching out to the local community, cave enthusiasts and potential investors, and especially want to point visitors to increasing press about the area, as well as the historic cave itself.

Website redesign: The Wonderland Cave

In addition to bringing news feeds to the home page, we brightened the presentation to show visitors that the development is about above-ground activities as well as access to the cave. I set the tone by creating a header illustration that brings to mind a geological cutaway. I also added a border color that changes from page to page.

Website redesign: The Wonderland Cave

The site is responsive. I’m pretty happy about the added graphic that displays at widest browser views.

Website redesign: The Wonderland Cave - breakpoints


2 Responses to Website redesign: The Wonderland Cave

  1. Penina says:

    Thanks Julie!

  2. Julie Finger says:

    looking real terrific to me. I have enjoyed the development process. Thanks

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