The challenge here was to capture the essence of each country (inspired by their national seals), and keep it fun! This series of stickers is for a gourmet cookie company. They’ll go inside the box, attached to the cookie packages, and will represent some of the recipe sources, like Belgian chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, etc.

The widely different imagery and styles are harmonized by the circular format and a single, shared palette.

In order of appearance at left, the countries represented in this first set are:

1. Belgium

2. Madagascar

3. USA

4. France

(Or should I have let you guess? 🙂 )

There will be more as we have time—after the website and other package items, like booklet insert and shipping label, are developed.

I struggled over reducing the palette further—did I really need two reds? two greens? After removing them and putting them back a number of times, I decided I really enjoy how that little bit of complexity tickles the brain. You’ll see these colors elsewhere, integral to the whole evolving brand.

Here’s the palette:


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