This is a little manifesto in protest against all the voices that tell us,

“Live as if you may die tomorrow.”

That point of view is overrated. After many, many seasons of attempting to live this way, I’ve decided to be a voice that says,

“Live as if you’ve got another hundred years.”

I’m tired of trying to pack it all in to the time remaining, and of wondering whether I managed to pack in enough today. It’s an attitude that fosters desperation. When I’m reminding myself that today may be my last, my eye is most definitely not on the prize.

So I choose a healthy dose of self-delusion: I have time.

Yes, I’ve got a job, and the job’s got deadlines I keep. But I have time to make mistakes, I have time to watch my son battle the boss in his video game. I have time to click the links in the sidebar. I have time to find out where the old stairs by the freeway lead. I have time to put some things off, maybe forever.

I’m a few weeks in to this new perspective, and it’s been awesome. I settle in to sleep and know I’ve done enough. I look forward to tomorrow as if it were the beginning of a massive new adventure—one that’s not likely to be done by the end of the day.

All the Time in the Wrold - photo by Penina


6 Responses to All the Time in the World

  1. Penina says:

    Just got back from seeing From Up on Poppy Hill. Getting there involved finding food, feeding kids, disarming a potentially explosive situation, leaving late, parking in the wrong (and farthest away) lot, crossing a massive mall, collecting prepaid tickets, buying one more ticket for cash (different station) and a little more disarming. I felt crazed and fractured!

    Then Studio Ghibli did all this magic stuff with texture and story and light: POOF! And I was back in the Now.

  2. kimba says:

    the word “and” would have been helpful in my second comment as would another “o” in the to. Seriously, I am at work in a library – why am I trying to hurry?

  3. kimba says:

    see, I tried to hurriedly respond I left out that all important “o” in my writing … can’t live in the moment if you are to busy worrying about the future and what you might miss.

  4. kimba says:

    I like that paradigm change. I find that when I live as if tomorrow shall be my last day – I become to exhausted. I try to cram everything end before the end – I can enjoy the moment.

  5. Penina says:

    Ha! Thanks, Lori. I feel like I’m cheating, but who’s gonna grade me?

  6. loripickert says:

    i like that switch. 🙂

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