My background is in graphic design, and I’m passionate about communication in all its forms, from surrealistic poetry to the social media tsunami. This passion expresses itself as a fierce drilling into the essence of a company’s culture, message and vision. As a result, I’m able to understand and express a brand in broader terms—where it’s headed, who it can serve next and how it can respond to unexpected events, for example.

I’ve recently been recruited to contribute in this way to a company and its products. This includes design, but extends beyond it to all that gives it a voice. As always, I’ll be renaming what I do regularly as new facets appear to be wondered at and/or wrestled with. My official title is Brand Manager, my actual functions can be paraphrased as Mug Washer… but the spirit of what I’m doing can, I think, be expressed more accurately as Brand Champion.

Do you feel you’re an easy fit into your current job/work title? or does what you do and who you are extend beyond its boundaries?

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