Nigeria-girl's handsLast I saw, the number of kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls is now at 270, and continuing to rise due to additional strikes by the Boko Haram group. They are being sold and married off, torn from their families and their futures. For more updates, see the Africa page on CNN or BBC websites.

To be clear, there has been activity—mostly offering of tactical services—by the U.S. government, but time is not on our side. The girls are being split into small groups and could be anywhere in a large, difficult-to-navigate region.

Dear Mr. President,

Our inaction is immoral.

I chose the subject of “Foreign Policy”, but it is nowhere near enough to the subject of this letter: the kidnapping of more than 200 girls from their school in Nigeria. They are not here on U.S. soil, so I guess that makes this “foreign”.

Shortly after your election, you took ruthless and decisive action with the kidnapping of Americans by Somali pirates.

Meanwhile, the future of these girls is being steadily extinguished, and their ill-equipped families are throwing all their resources into finding them because their government is not.

These families are asking for help. Their government may not be asking for help, but they are.

Are our hands really so tied that we must stand by and do nothing?

When there is something we want, when there is something you are clear you want, you don’t point to laws or treaties. You find a way to make it happen. Are you, perhaps, in action behind the scenes? Have you (I hope beyond hope) secretly sent forces to bring those girls home?

I’m sure there is more I can say, something astute or persuasive (since I will be posting this letter publicly as well as sending it to you), but I don’t yet know what that is. I can only remind you:

Our inaction is immoral.

Your turn. Be polite, but be loud:
Write to the U.S. President

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