Just checked out Adam’s Avenue Coffee in Huntington Beach for the first time last weekend. Online reviews were very positive, and my experience was no different.

Penina’s Ratings
Coffee: Very good
Food: Excellent
Wifi: Effortless, solid
Ambience/Decor: Warm, cozy, local art
Ambience/Business: Ideal for both solo work and small meetings
Service: Friendly, quick
Clientele: Families, locals, retirees
Bathroom: Key access, and a table for handbags/backpacks

My latte was good and the wifi was easy-peasy and solid. The atmosphere was truly cozy: I could have opted for one of the beautiful upholstered chairs, but decided to sit at a table since I had some sketching to do. A barista recommended their energy bars—not what you think! These are baked long rolls that are a little sweet, a little nutty: both healthy and yummy. Plus, besides butter and cream cheese, they have coconut oil (which she heartily recommended, and she was right)!

I learned on a return visit that all the baked items are fresh from Adam’s Avenue Donuts, a 45-year-old family owned business, now run by the café owner’s sister.

There’s a strong feeling of community: the baristas, as well as other customers, were welcoming and our conversation was relaxed. If this is your idea of a perfect morning then add this indie spot to your list.

Adam’s Avenue Coffee
16222 Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Adam's Avenue Coffee

Penina’s Wifi Etiquette

  1. Buy stuff. Do I really need to say this? After seeing otherwise with my own eyes, it turns out I do.
  2. Be gracious. Your two coffees and a scone aren’t doing all that much to pay the rent for the hours you spend in a café. Help make it a friendly, welcoming place so they can attract and keep more customers.
  3. Follow the rules. Busy urban areas limit wifi use because higher costs require them to generate quicker turnover. Sometimes plug placement is limited: if your power cord is a tripping hazard, then don’t use it (or negotiate with the wifier closer in to swap locations so you can charge up).
  4. Be considerate. Go outside to make phone calls.
  5. Be very considerate. Your laptop should not make a sound—not even little beeps: use headphones. Same for the radio you brought to follow the game.
  6. Tip generously. And tip again if you’re there through a shift change.

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