If you’re looking for a quiet spot with great coffee and solid wifi in Westwood, leave the main boulevard and head around the corner to Espresso Profeta. It’s a pretty spot in a beautiful brick building with a small but airy indoor area, and outdoor seating in a garden-like setting.

Penina’s Ratings
Coffee: Excellent
Food: Very good
Wifi: Effortless, solid (no power outlets)
Ambience/Decor: Airy, bright, local art
Ambience/Business: Good for solo work and small meetings
Service: Friendly, quick
Clientele: Businesspeople, students
Bathroom: Clean, a hook and a large shelf for your things

Certain times of the day, there’s a rush of businesspeople and students, and a longish line for some of the best espresso in the city. Most of the orders are to go, though, so the sanctuary feel is maintained in the rest of the café. The staff is friendly, even a little chatty when there’s time. Once, when we tumbled in a little wild-eyed after escaping some exceptionally nightmarish LA traffic, one of our coffees was declared a gift.

Living as they do in the shadow of a massive university, it’s no surprise that Espresso Profeta has opted to remove their power outlets. For that reason, this is not the spot for a long afternoon of work. Still, for the atmosphere, the solid connection and the great coffee, I couldn’t resist including them in this series.

Espresso Profeta
1129 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-3375

cafe espresso profeta

Penina’s Wifi Etiquette

  1. Buy stuff. Do I really need to say this? After seeing otherwise with my own eyes, it turns out I do. My rule of thumb is to buy something about every two hours.
  2. Be gracious. Your two coffees and a scone aren’t doing all that much to pay the rent for the hours you spend in a café. Help make it a friendly, welcoming place so they can attract and keep more customers.
  3. Follow the rules. Busy urban areas limit wifi use because higher costs require them to generate quicker turnover. Sometimes plug placement is limited: if your power cord is a tripping hazard, then don’t use it (or negotiate with the wifier closer in to swap locations so you can charge up).
  4. Be considerate. Go outside to make phone calls.
  5. Be very considerate. Your laptop should not make a sound—not even little beeps: use headphones. Same for the radio you brought to follow the game.
  6. Tip generously. And tip again if you’re there through a shift change.

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