Kaffa! in Orange, California is one of the great, locally-owned cafés that inspired me to start the My Wifi Life review series. I’ve been going there for years whenever I’ve been in the area. My heart skips a beat when I realize my travels will take me near them.

Penina’s Ratings
Coffee: Excellent
Food: Good
Wifi: Effortless, solid
Ambience/Decor: Comfortable, lots of indoor seating, some outdoor seating, noisy at lunchtime
Ambience/Business: Good for solo work and small meetings
Service: Friendly, quick
Clientele: Businesspeople, hospital staff and hospital visitors
Bathroom: Clean, door hook for your stuff

This little place pulls some of the best shots in Southern California. Besides my regular latte (medium, two shots) I usually go for one of those lovely, decadent things we Americans like to call scones: they’ve got a great iced poppy-lemon one. Their lunches are also nice and fresh.

The baristas are friendly and down to earth. Awhile ago, one young man went out of his way to make sure I connected with another café regular—the only other Penina he had ever met.

Like any small café with heavy lunchtime traffic, things can get noisy. If you plan to be there during that time, bring your earbuds.

Kaffa! Independant Gourmet Coffee House
424 S. Main St., Suite K
Orange, California 92868
(714) 978-1992

Kaffa! Independant Gourmet Coffee House, City of Orange

Penina’s Wifi Etiquette

  1. Buy stuff. Do I really need to say this? After seeing otherwise with my own eyes, it turns out I do. My rule of thumb is to buy something about every two hours.
  2. Be gracious. Your two coffees and a scone aren’t doing all that much to pay the rent for the hours you spend in a café. Help make it a friendly, welcoming place so they can attract and keep more customers.
  3. Follow the rules. Busy urban areas limit wifi use because higher costs require them to generate quicker turnover. Sometimes plug placement is limited: if your power cord is a tripping hazard, then don’t use it (or negotiate with the wifier closer in to swap locations so you can charge up).
  4. Be considerate. Go outside to make phone calls.
  5. Be very considerate. Your laptop should not make a sound—not even little beeps: use headphones. Same for the radio you brought to follow the game.
  6. Tip generously. And tip again if you’re there through a shift change.

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