I provide thoughtful design solutions that are deeply attuned to your vision, because I listen. I am passionate about helping you meet your goals and getting your ideas across with elegance and clarity.



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Design for digital media

I’ve worked with both boutique and big-traffic websites. I’ve also produced hard working banner ads and email campaigns. I understand SEO, split testing, e-commerce and online communities.

Book Cover: Connected, by Clint Stonebraker

Design for print

I’ve produced tiny quantities (including print-on-demand and even MS Word templates for desktop printing) to massive print runs (software manuals, catalogs, magazines). I’ve done print projects from 1 color to 6 color, on artisan, digital and web presses.

Embossed Journal

Design for surfaces and merchandise

This includes sourcing, production, packaging and labeling, as well as custom promotional items. I’ve also produced interior graphics and some fun out-of-the-box custom items, including animated holograms and embossed leather journals.

I prefer to work with U.S. suppliers, but have also worked with overseas sources.

Sales support

“I’m going to meet with X, I want to sell them Y and I’m going to need Z!” I love working with sales teams to build an arsenal of great looking sales tools, including brochures, slide presentations, product mockups and tiny details that add big value.

Co-branded Native Ad - Brand Examples

Check out this story on the blog about a sales support quest that helped a client grow per-sale revenue from $6,500 to $30-$40,000: Big Ticket: teaming design with sales to grow value.


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Social media

Read about a social-media driven and crowdsourced creative project I led. The group attracted sponsors and some amazing synchronicity while collaborating (mostly) over the internet. The post is titled, Cooperative Projects: Wake a Sleeping Dragon.

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Materials and vendor sourcing