Alan Broadbent Trio CD Package

The biggest challenge of this project was following the themes I had set in the first CD of the Live at Giannelli Square series, while not following too rigidly. We also went from gel case to all-cardboard, which effected even more details. Alan has let me know he’s very happy with the results.

Detail of Alan Broadbent Trio CD Package

I spent a bit of time with the details of the cover image. There are subtle color tones in the contours of the face. And blue is always a little nerve-wracking, because clients can be fooled by rich hues they see on the computer monitor, and disappointed when they see the printed piece. I think I found a happy medium.

Grammy winner Alan Broadbent has long been a major force behind the scenes in jazz, whether it was accompanying Irene Kral on some of the most exquisite vocal albums ever recorded, contributing award-winning arrangements to Natalie Cole or playing piano with Charlie Haden’s Quartet West.

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