Crazy Egg Long Landing PageFollowing hard on the heels of my 40-second argument for why websites need a landing page, here are some of the ways we should be testing—really, split-testing—their effectiveness.

I recently found a great post on the KISSmetrics blog, 6 Copywriting Mistakes That Shatter Conversion Rates. It’s so full of smart tips that I was a little overwhelmed by the possibilities. When you’re feeling this way about an inundation of info, sometimes it’s helpful to turn it into a checklist.

Not all the ideas here may be new to you, but their practical focus on making your landing pages work harder could send you running for a pen (or your favorite note-taking software). Checklists allow you to return to information in steps when it’s not meant (or even possible) to be tackled all at once.

Landing Page Conversion Ideas to Test

Do one or more Long Page tests (see crazyegg example)

Test a super simple page (a la Twitter, i.e. “just sign in or sign up + lovely photo”)

Depending on results, add information incrementally

Test a single column layout for the entire page

Test wording for pricing (i.e. 50% off vs. 50% extra free, 6 month free membership vs. 6 month free access to all features, etc.)

Experiment with telling users “why” (as in why there’s a cost, why they should sign up, why they should sign up today).

Test phrasing things in the positive vs. the negative. Different approaches work for different audiences in different contexts. For example, “Avoid the frustration of losing business,” vs. “Get more business with this product.”

Whatever your business, if a website is a critical part of how you sell, not only should you have a landing page, you should be testing it.

By the way, I don’t get paid for sending you to KISSmetrics. I just happened to find their copywriting post really helpful, and thought I’d share.


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