The world does not need you, and
the world desperately needs what you have to give.

Graphic design is a blunt, brutal business.

Like all creative work, it is rife with ego, and egos. But ego, handled skillfully, is a very important component of good graphic design. You can’t progress without coming to terms with it.

Many of the people accused of egotism are among the most successful creatives in their respective industries. Some of those may simply excel at attaching their name to other people’s brilliance, but not all.

Pushing a vision through the flaming hoops of physical, emotional and/or financial resistance requires self assurance. The bigger the vision, the more self assurance you need… which brings us back to those moments when people are not just rejecting your ideas, but rejecting your process, and you—in no uncertain terms—personally.

There are ways to cope, and there are definitely situations that are too toxic to live with, but the graphic design kitchen is a hot one. And you know what they say…


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