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These are the prettier parts of a larger initiative to market gift subscriptions, primarily to a modeling website’s current members. Design devices pull directly from the site’s existing styles, and expand on them with a fun, sophisticated feel. landing page detailThe banner above appears on a member’s account management page (so we kept it simple and left off things like logo). At left is a detail of the product landing page, and a view of the full landing page concept is below.

Some other elements of this project were:

  • a face lift for the site Info page (since we were adding a section on gift subscriptions anyway)
  • UI design for the purchase process
  • integration of this new feature into existing member tools
  • and a decorative, but flexible template for gift notices.

This is a huge, loosely-cast site, with monthly traffic in the millions. Its strongest sense of visual identity is its riotous range of stressed typefaces and a very primitive (and lightweight) UI.
 gift subscriptions landing page

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