Everyone seems to be reminding us to Dream Big.
I want to make sure these things are clear:

You don’t need to dream of Big Things, like Huge Projects, a Big Business, a Big House, or sales of a Kajillion Widgets. You can. I’m just clarifying that this is not what’s meant.

You need (as if your life depended on it) to set your sights, your intentions, your attention, on What You Want. This means ALL of what you want, including the bits you may have been told are impossible. “Go ahead and create nice things, but forget about creating outrageously beautiful things.” “Go ahead and start a business, but forget about having time for your family.”

To Dream Big is to not settle.

To Dream Big is to name your terms.

To Dream Big is to understand that what you want may not happen in the form you expected it, or that you’ll discover it wasn’t what you wanted after all, but you spent your time on this earth doing everything you could to see it through.

To Dream Big is to give all of yourself to something that matters—to you.

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One Response to Dream Big?

  1. MurielOK says:

    Most excellent. Attempts coming from the heart, have for me, proven to be the best.

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