An article we came across, 10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal (on the Behance 99U blog), really inspired us, but #7 was the best. It comes from Simon Mottram (founder of Rapha sports clothing and accessories), who advises, “Envision what you will be remembered for.

A great dream-building tip from Simon MottramHe writes pretend business articles, such as for Financial Times or Wall Street Journal, based five years in the future. They describe his business’ growth, its achievements and its impact in grand, daring detail. The power of writing out your goals as a magazine article is that the process demands greater degrees of both emotional spark and thoroughness—two effective planning tools you might otherwise gloss over (often, we nail one and skip the other).

In an earlier interview, he mentioned that as a marketing and branding consultant before he started Rapha, this was a trick he used for his clients, to help them envision their future. That’s a powerful and critical step when you’re building or growing your brand, and hard to do—really hard to do—when it’s your own.

The business article exercise helps us take a couple of steps back, just far enough to see ourselves through the eyes of the future.


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