Looking for a nice Gantt chart program? If you’ve got FileMaker Pro, take a look at CC Gantt, an excellent FM template.

It’s quick to learn, easy to modify, and the Gantt charts it generates not only work great, but look NICE. You can filter milestones by client, project, phase, status, person responsible, and/or date range.

The publishers, Cleveland Consulting, have recently spun their templates division off to a new company, SeedCode. They provide plenty of documentation for CC Gantt and their other beautifully designed templates, as well as an active support forum.

They’ve got a free version, but it doesn’t handle multiple projects. Still, it’s a good way to try it out before you buy—$159 for the “Pro” version.

Hm. Just noticed this:

SeedCode’s new Calendar Pro for Filemaker 8 gives you contact management, project management (including Gantts) and calendaring in a single package. This template is $239, and there’s a 10-day Demo version, too.


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