ekeka sells sphynx teeshirts on etsy

Sphynx cat in an ekeka tee (photo by Lisa Flores)

Lisa Flores sews practical items for people and pets. She has an etsy shop, ekeka, where she sells custom and made-to-order cat beds, custom dog bed covers and cat clothes. Her cat clothes are mainly for hairless sphynx cats.

Lisa recently got in touch to let me know a customer had requested a set of sphynx items using one of my Heartwings fabrics (available in a variety of colors and fabrics on Spoonflower), and she even sent along a photo. Below is the double occupancy bed and kitty caddy (apparently, sphynx owners need a lot of grooming supplies). She had just completed and shipped the coordinated set.

I love seeing the amazing things people create with my fabric patterns. I always learn something new, and it’s always inspiring—partly because it’s a special synergy; The completed and whole project is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Heartwings fabric for a sphinx cat bed and kitty caddy

Among the things I learned this time is that, although Spoonflower allows buyers to adjust the scale of the fabric patterns, few people feel comfortable doing it. I promised Lisa I’d upload a half-scale version of this fabric pattern. It will allow her and other sewists to create more types of coordinated sets.

Another thing I learned (from the ekeka Facebook page): ekeka is inspired by the word “Ekeko”, a South American god of abundance and prosperity.

See more Heartwings fabric patterns (available as wallcoverings and giftwrap, too)

Side note: I just recently got a more intimate glimpse at the sphynx breed after I grieved to space organization expert, Christel Ferguson, about my relentlessly inquisitive, active and destructive tabbies. She sent me a “My Cat from Hell” video about a family struggling with the same behavior in their sphynx. Turns out it’s the nature of certain breeds, and your coping tactics need to be as ingenious as they are.

5 Responses to Fabric Pattern: Wings for a Sphinx

  1. Penina says:

    Thanks, Lisa – you guessed right 🙂
    I’ll send you a note as soon as I hear back from Spoonflower about the half-scale fabrics question!

  2. Lisa Flores says:

    Thank you so much for this lovely feature Penina! I know I always love to receive pictures from customers so I thought I would do the same. I am so delighted you like what I made and my customer likes it too.

  3. Julie says:

    That promises to have wonderful outcomes.

  4. Penina says:

    Thanks, Julie!
    I sent a note to Spoonflower about the half-scale patterns. Am waiting to hear back 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    Ieeee. Your Heartwings Pattern look soo cool on the cat accessories. The colors used enhanced the pattern. Kudos to Lisa and Penina.

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