I get more and more requests to set these up for clients. The two examples below are for very different industries, but the overall aim is the same: to champion the brand while fulfilling a critical social requirement: relating on a very human level with customers.

HealthPro Nutrition is a family-owned company that’s been producing high quality pet products for nearly 30 years. The avatar is of the company’s owner and founder. I decided to use the display typeface is also on the packaging for their top selling treats.

Facebook Page Header: Healthpro Nutrition


H1Talent.com is a startup job site geared toward H1 tech workers and the recruiters that seek them. I’ve been managing the content for all their social outreach, so it made sense to have my face on the avatar.

Facebook Page Header: H1Talent.com


Here’s the current header for my own Facebook page. This changes often, as I promote a new product or experiment with Facebook’s latest features and updates. Feel free to connect with me over there.

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