This floor mural was carefully researched, layered and rendered for a client who requested a zodiac theme at the interior entry to her residence. The colors were chosen both to harmonize with the interior space and for their symbolic meaning. The piece was precisely diagrammed, but we agreed the final bordering should be done with my unaided hand: this balanced the geometric precision with human warmth.

The mural was drawn and painted onto a wood floor after the client reviewed and approved my sketches. I began the mural itself by lightly blocking in the area and confirming the scale. This was an extra important step because the floor mural was meant as an entryway piece and didn’t fill a pre-defined area: It’s one thing to name sizes, and another to see the mural begin to take shape on a real floor in the real world. A cool finishing touch was the use of metallic gold for the borders and divisions.

zodiac floor mural

The client was so happy with the finished floor mural that at the end of the project she handed me a list of smaller mural projects she wanted for other areas of the house.

At the moment, I’m still available to create murals for certain settings. If you’re interested, contact me for more info.

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