At our weekly unschooling families dinner, we were at the rant phase of the conversation, probably sparked by a reference to national testing of school children. Like the sound of a clear and finely cast bell, this off-hand comment continues to ring in my ears:

“Testing has nothing to do with genius. If you could test for it, it wouldn’t be genius.”


4 Responses to Genius

  1. Penina says:

    Dolphins can only be tested to a point. If they get bored, they’ll press any old lever and fart around with the tester until someone figures out it’s time to go play.

    My son enjoys an online reading program, but I can’t go by his “test results” because of the many times he has called me over to see, “Look, Mom! Look what it does when I do it wrong!” He will purposely (and repeatedly) enter a wrong answer so he can hear the funny sound, or watch the animated character do something silly.

    On the other hand, I don’t think it’s intelligence, as much as discipline, that helps us convey or implement our inspirations.

  2. Kelly Evans says:

    Aside from testing for genius, testing for intelligence has always stuck in my craw. Actually, testing of all kinds tests my patience. In school, whenever possible, I opted for classes based on essays rather than tests. Genius always seemed to me outside of contextual intelligence. Genius is more like epiphany, the lightning bolt of inspiration. Why is it more accessible to some than others? Intelligence may, however, admittedly, be helpful in conveying or implementing the flash of genius.

  3. Penina says:

    … as are a lot of the insights born over our weekly tacos!

    Thanks for stopping by, Nut. And look! I finally finished the “Competition Myth (2)” post!

  4. Lookie, I found You! (thanks 2 google, you’ve got a lot goin on girl)

    thanks for re*minding me of this conversation. It’s weird, I don’t clearly recall which one of us, including myself, said it. It’s like it was born of our collective thoughts/e*motions.

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