Is there such a thing? You mean, besides the fact that there are seashells at the top of nearby Mount Charleston? In this world, here, yes.

Ginger is a musician, artist and media producer I know in real life, haven’t seen in years, and happily follow on Instagram, where she posts her “Daily Frame“. When I saw this shot, I asked for permission to use it in the ongoing illustrated story project, I am not actually a butterfly.

I’ve been looking for ways to expand its scope to more media (other projects are in the works), and in floated this photo I’d almost call ethereal if it weren’t too glib for the outrageous fire it lit in me.

Antediluvian Las Vegas, photo by Ginger Bruner

At the moment, Ginger’s photo shares the story space with a drawing of mine, but if I can’t come up with something that comes close in power to Ginger’s crazy beautiful clouds I’m going to pull the drawing down.

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