This laptop sleeve is available in all sizes, and a few different color combos, too. A customer just sent me this photo of hers, fresh out of the delivery package.

Heartwings Laptop Sleeve

I designed it using the crazy-easy, dangerously addictive design tools on Zazzle. I’m impressed by a lot of the quality I’m seeing from them. I also hear a lot of good things about their customer service. I haven’t held this in person yet, but she tells me it’s nice—the red colorway was developed per her request, and she’s very happy with it.

Click here if you’d like to get one, too. Or, click one of the squares below to see this case in other colors:

Camouflage Heartwings: Apricot & Lavender
Camouflage Heartwings: Pink
Camouflage Heartwings: Purple & Beige
Camouflage Heartwngs: Turquoise & Black
Camouflage Heartwings: Pink & Beige
Camouflage Heartwings: Green, Orange & Beige










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