After buying a yard of my Seaglass Chrysanthemums on organic cotton knit fabric, Ashlea Hicks replied to my email, in which I begged her to divulge the project (most buyers don’t). She’s gearing up a little business focused on baby headbands, called Cute Head. From the look of things on her Facebook page, they are flying off the shelves.

Bet you can see why.

Holly in a Seaglass Chrysanthemums Headband by Cute HeadThis is Holly.

I’ve seen my design work on posters, websites, billboards and buses, and I’ve seen my chrysanthemums on wallpaper, clutch purses and duvet covers. Nothing beats seeing them on Holly.

The mums in Seaglass and Lavender are my biggest selling patterns on Spoonflower. Seeing them on Holly got me thinking that I should try introducing a few smaller blooms, and bring the scale down just a little. I dropped a line to Ashlea to see what she thinks. Feel free to leave a comment here if you’d like to weigh in (I currently close commenting after 90 days, though).

Oh, and I have no idea what I did with Seaglass Chrysanthemums I.

Seaglass Chrysanthemums Pattern VariationsClick on this image for a larger view (you’ll need to click your Back button to return to this post).

Ashlea’s got a bunch of patterns and colors to choose from, so if you have someone in mind (and seaglass, mint, teal, seafoam—or whatever you think it should be called—is not your thing), go visit her page.

Big thanks to Holly’s mom for permission to post that sweet photo of her Cute Head.

Cute baby headbands in organic cotton knit by Cute Head


One Response to Holly shows us how to Cute

  1. Julie Finger says:

    Aww… cute kid. Great design 🙂

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