My son, Tal Day, recently won some nice recognition for a documentary short he put together via the film arts program at Venice Arts.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - Pasadena Armory - Tal Day

The film, Right Here on Venice Pier (YouTube), won a California Regional Gold Key Award, and was shown with other award winners at the Pasadena Armory. The same weekend it opened at the Armory, it was aired at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts Extremely Young Film Festival (Films by Teens).

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - Pasadena Armory - Tal Day

We headed up to Pasadena, checked out all the amazing work (photography, painting, sculpture, mixed media, as well as film) and hooked up with friends. I wasn’t prepared for the massive “photo op”, but there’s still something I like about this huge clump of teens on the Armory balcony and all the mad activity around them (click on the photo to see it full size).

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - Pasadena Armory - Tal Day and the Guder FamilyAfter checking out the snack table (where I wasn’t the only one disappointed to discover that the “coffee box” dispensed lemonade) and properly memorializing Tal’s event with the fabulous Guder family, we wandered around this picturesque corner of Pasadena with our cameras.

Between the pretty architectural details and the camera-friendly overcast day, there was plenty to discover and frame. When we’d had our fill we decided to skip lunch and head home. As I adjust to life with a teen and increasingly impressive artist, I vote for more afternoons like this.


P.S. All photos in this post are mine. If I can convince Tal to share some of his, I’ll come back and add them.

8 Responses to Home front: Scholastic Awards, Armory show and photo safari

  1. Penina says:

    Thanks so much, Muriel. I should add that having people in his world who have this kind of faith in him has been a priceless gift.

  2. Certainly much of Tal’s success has to do with his education in an open environment that afforded him the room to explore and experiment. Having said that I remember him so well at the age of four, wide-eyed and inquisitive. There are those little minds that you know from the beginning will somehow influence how we think in a creative way. Congrats to Tal and his family.

  3. Penina says:

    Thanks, Cynde!

    If you haven’t already, be sure to click the YouTube link so you can watch the film (it’s under 4 minutes long).

  4. Cynde Willis says:

    Congrats Tal and Penina. I look forward to enjoying his work.

  5. Penina says:

    Thanks, Margalit! We had a great day.

  6. Margalit Ward says:

    So cool! congrats to Tal and his proud mama!

  7. Penina says:

    Thanks, Julie!

  8. Julie says:

    Awesome. Thanks Penina, it felt as tho I was there with you all.

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