At the moment, we’re strengthening our sales presentations over at H1Talent, a job matching site for H1-B visa holders and the companies that seek them. We’ve got great numbers, but we needed more imagery to communicate the business concept. We also felt more data visualization would bring those great numbers to life.

I find that I’m tapping into what it means to me, a child of immigrants from far flung places, as I develop visual metaphors for this project. Remember when we used to proudly brag that we were a melting pot nation? (Not you, whippersnapper.) It seems we’ve circled back around to new waves of U.S. immigrants and the cultural/economic issues that accompany them.

This first example is the most elaborate. It condenses the widest range of data into a single visual, distilling current intelligence about the contribution of H1 workers to our economy.

Data Visualization: Contribution of H1 visa holders to U.S. business

The following two are the results of our ongoing conversation about the unique value of the H1Talent vision to visa holders. I love the space metaphor, since the hiring “space” is so huge. It was the first image we developed and I got a lot of positive feedback from the public. The founder, however, disagreed. He is the person primarily responsible for selling the concept, so this must be his sales tool. He felt we needed human beings very literally in the picture.

Infographic: All recruiters who use are focused only on H1-B visa holders

The young woman in the photo below is a friend, gifted professional and proud H1Talent member.

Infographic: ALL recruiters who use are focused on H1 Consultants

If you’re curious about the current upswing in both data visualization and infographics, have a look at this Businessweek article about the trend. Fast Company also loves data viz, but doesn’t seem to differentiate between that and infographics in their fascinating collection of posts (and potential rabbit whole: watch out).

With H1-B visa issues currently a hot—and controversial—news item, we’ve got a strong position and an excellent product. More visual concepts are in the works: I’ll post them as they are released.

2 Responses to Data Visualization brings ideas to life for a tech jobs startup

  1. Penina says:

    Hi Suman,
    Thanks so much for the helpful feedback! I will definitely pass it along to the team. I’d also love it if you would connect with H1Talent on Facebook! We need your perspectives there, too 🙂

    – P

    Oh, and P.S. At the moment, we are targeting mostly the Indian community (though we’re open to all) because H1Talent has some fantastic partnerships brewing in that region.

  2. Suman says:

    Hey Penina!
    Being an immigrant a decade ago, I can relate to this and thought I’d offer feedback. I re-read the blog post to see the media and I can now see that this would be in a sales presentation to begin with…For me, I loved the first comp. I thought it covered all that needed to be in there such as the people, some numbers targeting the H1s. It states the current situation accurately. But I somehow wanted to see how H1talent can help such people. If you have a bunch of slides, then the other slides can conclude how H1talent can add value to their audience.
    The 2nd one, didn’t work for me somehow. But I like the messaging though.
    The 3rd one is very direct. It serves the purpose but not as classy as the first one. Person of an Indian origin is easy to relate to. But I wondered about the non-Indian immigrants who are on H1s.

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