A client wants our firm to add a weblog to their developing site. What great timing! However, the suggested link to the new weblog will look pretty much like this:


Can you think of any reason to click that link? (besides the fact that it is not really a link?) (oh, and unless the WEBLOG happens to be on the website of your favorite author/business hero/movie star?)

Here are some ideas for naming your blog to attract new readers:

  1. Straightforward titles that tell readers

    • What they’ll learn
    • How they’ll feel
    • How they’ll be enriched

    … are an ideal way to promote your blog through its title.

    Great examples:
    Church of the Customer
    Respectful Workplace Blog

  2. Vague, intriguing titles can entice people to click, but even if you do have the knack to come up with one, you still need to listen to feedback. I didn’t say respond to all feedback, just pay attention.

    Great examples:
    Bad Astronomy (try to resist)
    Presentation Zen

  3. Ask yourself: Would this make a good magazine title?

    Often, if you wouldn’t pick it up off a magazine rack, you probably wouldn’t click a link with the same name.

    Of course, as with magazines, your subtitle can do some of the work to explain what your title means, but many blog directories include only the title, so make it work for you.

  4. Unless you’re well-known (at least in your industry), don’t use your name in the title.

    I originally did that very thing with this blog. But once I started this article, it occurred to me that I’m not quite famous enough. Yet.


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  1. ozgur alaz says:

    great article
    Thank you for your nice word to Marketallica’s naming

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