“Designing for publications is like dressing for a visit; Designing for textiles is like getting ready to move in.”


These are the issues I am aware of now, at this stage in my exploration of textile and surface design:

  1. Mature my personal, authentic vocabulary of motifs.
    These are symbols (with all their archetypal power) created with the intent to repeat, and to relate to other symbols. Hm. That sounds more weighty than it needs to be.
  2. Expand my relationship with color within this new context.
    See the quote at the top of this post.
  3. Begin a dialog with the impact of scale.
    Different uses determine designs at different scales. Learn the rules, and how to break them.
  4. Identify (or create?) natural pattern structures in modern fabric printing, as well as other surface production processes.
    Do they even exist, now that we can pretty much do anything? I suspect (but am not entirely sure) that there will always be a conversation between Designer and Process.
  5. Integrate this journey with my overarching design journey.
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