Logo Design for H1Talent.com
H1Talent is a startup aimed at serving visa holding professionals and the U.S. companies that want to hire them. I’ve been heavily involved with the launch of this brand for awhile, and it was time to hammer out a logo that was super clean, but also warm, human.

Logo Design Comp for H1Talent.comIt was while working with this company that I started to experiment with the title, “brand champion” because, beyond logos and development of the product, there was the need to capture the essence of who the company was becoming and to, well, champion that.

We needed to identify the team’s awesome, genuine qualities, and sweep away the unnecessary expectations, as well as the pressure to conform to an industry we aim to transcend.

The company is currently seeking a new round of funding and in addition to business identity and user experience, we’ve developed slide presentations, infographics and other sales support as the needs arise.

4 Responses to Logo: H1Talent

  1. Ric says:

    Nice logo!

  2. Penina says:

    Thanks, Julie! One day, I’ll post some of the web design documents for this project….

  3. Julie says:

    I’ve seen your previous submissions of the H1 logo and really like this latest version. Also the example showing the application of the logo is Excellent!

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