Recognizing, respecting, and adding to the intrinsic beauty of built spaces has led me to ongoing explorations of surface design. Materials I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with so far are textiles, wallpapers, and laser-cut stainless steel, as well as a school-wide mural project (leading 200+ volunteers!).

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted newer work, and a lot has happened:

Abstract geometrics

Actually, my best description for this creative inquiry is “abstract lyrical”. These designs are inspired by my love of math and science, and a continuous urge to upset logic.

If you are drawn in by the suggestion of structure, and then a little disconcerted because these structures could never exist, then my work here is done.

Mid-century for a minute

I would never think of aesthetic as a Mid-century Modern, but here I am, loving my July Vines so much I keep coming up with more projects for it, like the holiday tote I made for my mom and a curly hair wrap for my sister (I am at the “can sew in a straight line” stage).

Although I explored in a wide range of directions over the last year, most of the work kept to a color palette I’ve been calling Northern Summer.

I love this palette.

I have more work to share, but will save it for another post. Most of my designs are available for purchase as fabric and wallpaper on a variety of bases. Fabrics include cotton, velvet, canvas, and sport knits; Wallpapers include pre-pasted, unpasted, and removable. You can shop here.


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