Continuing to play with downloadable pattern backgrounds, I’ve added this new seamless geometric pattern. The package includes layered vector files (.ai and .eps) as well as two transparent .png files (in two different scales).

Downloadable pattern backgrounds: Gridwerk

Most of my downloadable patterns have been used for website backgrounds, and that’s a fascinating world. It’s very similar to patterns for real life interiors: scale can vary considerably, as can pattern types—from rigid geometrics to flowy florals. Another similarity is that there are tastes and uses that call for either showy and colorful patterns or subdued and subtle, depending on the function of the space.

But there are also some interesting differences. One is that design on the web can involve the play of light. It’s kind of like designing stained glass windows, perhaps especially since the light flowing into a room is never uniform. Just as time of day, time of year and weather can transform the color and intensity of light through a window, monitors can be dim or warm or cool (not to mention completely borked).

The Gridwerk downloadable pattern background is essentially simple, but I’ve organized the layers so designers can easily explore complexity and dimension.

Downloadable pattern background in a bold oriental colorway

The “basketweave” effect in the example above can be turned on or off by hiding the “overlaps” layer in as separate bonus vector file. Simpler, more subdued color ideas are in the image below.

Downloadable pattern backgrounds: more color variations

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