Just added to my shop on Creative Market, this new pattern tile was sparked by a 17th century Dutch motif.

 Seamless Antique Floral Interlock Pattern

17th Century Dutch tile, by SOLAR Antique TilesThe inspiration was a beautiful Dutch reproduction I spotted on Pinterest (produced by SOLAR Antique Tiles, available on shopAD.net).

I both love and resist working with simple square tile repeats. They seem so rigid and formal, but there’s also something very, very old and fundamentally human about them.

This seamless vector pattern tile was created in Adobe Illustrator and saved to AI, EPS and SVG formats. I had a lot of fun exploring colorways for the pattern, and I plan to upload a similar design to Colourlovers, so others can try out their own color ideas.

More Colorways for the Floral Interlock Pattern

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