Here’s my first offering of what promises to be a torrent of damask patterns, available now on Creative Market. Use it as a pattern background for print and web, scrapbooking and … probably a number of unexpected things that are obvious to you.

Downloadable Seamless Pattern: Simple Damask

The package comes with lots of options, including a .PNG pattern tile on a transparent background…

Downloadable Seamless Pattern: Simple Damask

Please comment (or contact me) if you like these, but are unsure how to use them. One of the big purposes of this blog is to shake the capital ‘D’ off design and help more people make beautiful things.

Looking at the pattern tiles in the image below, the tiles on the left are for more advanced use. The ones on the right are recommended for beginners (but advanced users will like them, too).

Downloadable Seamless Pattern: Simple Damask

Here are a couple more ideas for this relatively simple damask pattern:

You can make things very neutral and subtle…

Downloadable Seamless Pattern: Simple Damask

… or bold and flashy…

Downloadable Seamless Pattern: Simple Damask

These are just a few ideas for how this pattern can be used. Color, contrast and scale (hm… how would this look if we made it super tiny?) are just a few ways to make this simple damask yours.

Click anywhere in the cute little box at left to purchase this pattern now.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I’ve been collecting a variety of damask and damask-inspired motifs on a Pinterest board, and appear to have hit critical mass. Watch this space for more damask ideas!

P.S. The lovely textured background in some of these examples is a “serving suggestion”: not included in the download. It’s part of a beautiful grunge textures pack by PhotoMelange, also available on Creative Market.

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