I’m pretty happy with the final results of this pattern study. As simple as it appears, it seems to have endless color possibilities, and better: it has one or two satisfying quirks that elevate it beyond mere “floral” (see if you can spot them).

Click on the photos for a larger view. Want to buy these as fabric, wallpaper or giftwrap? Click here.

Fabric pattern: Baby Tears - Lavender, by Penina

Fabric pattern: Baby Tears - Charcoal & Pink, by Penina

I had been wanting to do another vine pattern since my first Leafy Vine project. That pattern is still a popular download on Creative Market. I’m intrigued by the universal attraction of the vine motif, and have been wanting to create something that feels both primal and new.

Fabric pattern: Baby Tears - Black, White & Gray, by Penina

Fabric pattern: Baby Tears - Moss Green, by Penina

Fabric pattern: Baby Tears - Black & Red, by Penina

Baby Tears pattern sketch, by PeninaLike most of my most recent patterns, Baby Tears started out as a pencil sketch. When it began to show promise, it was scanned, converted to vectors, and gradually refined (it was abandoned and rediscovered a few times, too).

It’s now available on a wide range of high quality fabrics via Spoonflower in the colorways above, plus a few more (click here to see all of them).

There is also a modified version (with a smaller tile area) available as a digital download on Creative Market.


One Response to New Pattern: Baby Tears

  1. Julie Finger says:

    You know – I bet these would be great for clothing. While I’m partial to red, I see ALL of these designs/colors as material for dresses, tops etc. Really beautiful.

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