New tote bags on Society6 by PeninaIntroducing a new tote bag design upgrade on Society6, allowing artwork to cover the entire surface of the bag.

They look great: I’m now inspired to get more artwork into their system and on these bags. I plan to start with the line drawings from my ongoing story/art project, I am not actually a butterfly.

The upgrade was announced October 4 on the Society6 blog. I missed the announcement, but started noticing great looking Facebook posts from a few of the artists I follow and realized something awesome was up. As with most (or all?) of their products, the Society6 tote bags are hand sewn and printed in America using durable, lightweight, poly poplin fabric. You can choose from sizes 13″ x 13″, 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 18″.

Below is a look at the different designs currently available. Click the image to see more patterns, colors and crazy-detailed artwork (or just click this link).

New tote bags on Society6 by Penina

The drawing below, called “Cosmic Chatter,” is from a Butterfly installment titled, The Missing Piece, and is my personal favorite. I’ll be making it available in more colors over the next few weeks.

New tote bags on Society6 by PeninaWhile I’m focused on uploading new tote designs, this is an ideal time to contact me with requests for custom colors, or other patterns I’ve posted here and elsewhere (like Spoonflower).

Society6 often has special promotions, like free international shipping. If you’d like to know when these promotions are happening, you can sign up for their newsletter or follow the Fantastic Machine on Facebook. That way, you’ll also get to learn about the newest design releases.

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