Thinking about jump-starting a living knowledgebase at work (or elsewhere)? Some readers like nice, long explanations. Most like that and a quick bottom-line read. Here are seven quick sparks for “Getting Your Hands on Wisdom”:

1. Look for and value chances for cross-departmental interaction
The more relaxed, the better.

2. Get yourself and your team out of the office regularly
Not just to the café — fresh air and (light) exercise works for grownups, too.

3. Relentlessly build trust
I found a whole bunch of excellent links on this subject while researching the Competition Myth (go figure)!

4. Find ways to temporarily forget the deadline
Bet you’re doing this already when you start checking your email. You can always set a timer if you’re worried you’ll never go back…

5. Find ways to at least temporarily suspend politics
Call it what it is, and if possible, poke a little fun at it.

6. Don’t forget the off-site folks, by any means available
Do they know everyone on the team? Do they know the go-to folks when you’re not around? Who has their IM address?

7. Wisdom-sharing works best when it’s fun
…otherwise, it’s stale and impotent. If you can’t figure out how to make it fun, lean on an expert!


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