A new tool is available for managing projects, from SharedPlan. I’ve been on their mailing list for quite some time, and this is one of the few (out of the few I subscribe to) that sends out digestible amounts of useful information that I actually read.

Tracy at SharedPlan describes it this way:

OpenPlanning is an entirely new concept in the planning and execution of projects. With OpenPlanning, you can plan smarter by:

  • Finding example plans on which to base your new project.
  • Sharing your project expertise with your peers.
  • Receiving critical feedback on your project.

The watchword at SharedPlan is community. One great reminder I spotted on their website is “Projects are Completed by Teams”.

Oh. That’s right.

So… why not have the cost efficient ability to share project planning and progress with all, or key, team members? And why not have the ability to get (hopefully supportive) feedback from peers as you advance through the project?

I think SharedPlan is showing spark and foresight to offer—and provide the setting for—these possibilities.

Also, the SharedPlan folks conscientiously avoid developing products that are so full of features it is difficult to get started. I’ve downloaded it, and messed with it some. At first glance, it seems intuitive, and even fun to use. I’m looking to try out a simple project with it, and will post again when I’ve had some “real world” experience with it.

In the meantime, check it out, and please post a comment if you have direct experience with OpenPlanning.

Download OpenPlanning
(A form requests your email address, company name and industry)

For a brief video on how the product works, go here.


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