I’m a BzzAgent. For me, Bzzing is a fun, intriguing way to explore word-of-mouth marketing by consciously participating in it: direct immersion.

The latest Bzz I’ve joined, and mean to spread via this blog, is about Seth Godin‘s latest book, Small is the New Big. As part of my personal Bzz, I’m permitted to post the links to the first two chapters here:

Seth Godin so belongs here, on this blog, because so much of what he says is bona fide, you-know-it-and-have-always-known-it, Common Sense. He takes that stuff we all barely shrug at and writes books about it.

He also belongs here, on this blog, because he believes in the best about people. He’s got a lot of hope and a lot of confidence that human beings can and will do great things if they are so inspired… so he has made it his mission to inspire them.

In a way, Small is the New Big is simply a “best of” Seth Godin. He writes for Fast Company, and has a hugely popular blog; The book compiles entries from both sources.

Here’s a snippet I particularly like:

A small law firm or accounting firm or ad agency is succeeding because they’re good, not because they’re big. So smart, small companies are happy to hire them.

So many of my clients ask me to make them look big… but what I hope I accomplish for them is to project the ways they are big.

After all, says Godin in the title chapter:

Small is the new big only when the person running the small thinks big.

I do want to put in that I don’t agree with this:

They’re stuck because society, or their bosses, or their spouses, or their co-workers won’t let them do what they already know they should do.

I mean, I know when I’m stuck. And when I am, as a free-thinking adult, I can’t think of a single person I can honestly blame. But I still appreciate the inspiration, and I can still use that inspiration to get unstuck, feed my dreams, get up the nerve, and restore my faith in my own Common Sense.

It seems Mr. Godin agrees:

I guarantee you’ll find some [ideas] that don’t work for you. But I’m certain that you’re smart enough to recognize the stuff you’ve always wanted to do buried deep inside one of these riffs. And I’m betting that once you’re inspired you’ll actually make something happen.


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