Continuing to explore surface design for built space, this concept is more angular and uniform than my previous concept. It avoids the feeling of rigidity because of the playful, semi-random addition of thinner stripes (or wires).

architectural surface design - perforated panel - geometrics

architectural surface design - perforated panel - sketchThis idea started out where some of the best ones seem to—on an envelope. Here’s the quick sketch I did. I was on a housecleaning tear and didn’t dare lose my momentum, so I jotted down the basics and got back to work.

Next, something fluid—possibly floral.

2 Responses to Surface Design: Squares and wires (another perforated panel)

  1. Penina says:

    Ha! I actually think I should have toned down the saturation.

  2. Julie Finger says:

    Hmmm. Liked this perf panel design – would have liked to see image behind moved a bit more to the left tho 🙂

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