Teen mask workshop: shell eyesHere are some of the masks and the people that made them during our posterboard mask making workshop for teens at the CHN Homeschool Expo this last June. I wrote about the idea and the inspiration for this workshop in a previous post.

Teen mask workshop: mysterious ornamentsAs expected, they blew me away with an abundance of unexpected ideas. I was also treated to some great conversations about materials and creative process.

One young man came over to show off some amazing and elaborate masks he had made and brought with him to the expo. He didn’t do a posterboard mask, but he was very excited about the Yupic Eskimo mask samples I was showing participants, and left determined to learn more.

Teen mask workshop: lipsThey did stick mostly with the black felt markers (my favorite, too). As you can see, however, it was good to also have other colors available. Their intricate cut-outs left me feeling a bit lazy. Mine looked quick and dirty next to their tightly and carefully trimmed contours.

There was an ongoing Wii Smash Bros. tournament going on in the same room (that went on for most of the expo weekend), but for some reason, our little corner felt quiet, even serene.

One-eyed masks were popular.

And mouths.

Teen mask workshop: fangs


One Response to Teen art workshop: what they made

  1. Julie Finger says:

    Wow. What a creative collection. Enjoyed this. Thanks!

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