"TRIMUMVIRATE hath spoken" Teeshirt DesignClick here to get this shirt for a bossy mom (or mum), or to throw your own weight around.

This started out as a personal project, for myself and a couple of mom friends. We have varying opinions about exactly how authoritarian a mom ought to be, and we adjust our opinions as life with kids goes forward. One mom used this term one day when we were all together, and I felt compelled to memorialize it with a shirt. Well, she didn’t say “hath spoken”, but it fits so nicely.

I first produced the “Trimomvirate” version, but the general consensus (two against one) was to go for “Trimumvirate”… so I did both! It was great fun to play with type and symbolism. The font is Blackmoor, with adjustments and refinements made for visual balance.

TRIMUMVIRATE and TRIMOMVIRATE hath spoken - teeshirts for mom friends

Click these links to purchase the Trimumvirate or Trimomvirate shirt. Both are available in black on white, white on black, and pink.

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