I’m still staring blankly at huge parts of it, but that’s a good thing: iA’s 2008 Web Trend Map is ready to download, admire and puzzle over.

For the third time, iA has selected the websites they consider to be most influential and successful, and pinned them down to the greater Tokyo-area train map. Not only that: There are some great related posts, including some intriguing head-butting with Microsoft’s Steve Clayton.

iA has adopted a “magazine” format that I find maddening. Thank goodness, I was able to scrabble through the admittedly enjoyable and forward-looking jargon, and figure out that the Notebook is the simple chronological archive I was looking for. In other words, it’s the “blog view” of their blog.

Check out the Notebook to find more posts discussing the Web Trend Map. Or, tell me how you navigated the site to find related articles.


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