I was incredibly fortunate to collaborate with architect Ric. Abramson for the design of neighborhood-sensitive tree fences. These were planned to be manufactured and installed in new and existing tree wells along the Los Angeles mid-city stretch of Pico Boulevard.

A key design principle we shared was the importance of reflecting the historic and current uniqueness of the neighborhood, avoiding the homogenizing (if beautiful) trends permeating new projects in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Listening first

As a founding member of the Pico Urban Design Initiative I had lots of conversations with residents and business owners, and heard and related with their pride of place. I was determined to give meaning and consequence to these “inconsequential” decorative additions.

Making place is really more about making space for a community to express itself through the tools I provide as a designer. The Pico community tree fence project is still in process, but there is a lot to celebrate!

Read more about the project here.


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