For Mother’s Day, my son agreed to come with me the Unique LA show. It helped a little that we brought and met up with a few teen friends. For the first time, he spent most of the afternoon wandering off with his friends, or on his own. Even so, after years spent balancing my creative needs with the sanity needs of a growing boy, I’ve learned not to be so doggedly obsessive about seeing every single thing, and be willing to miss stuff. *sigh* So I did.

Here are a few discoveries (click on photo to go to the seller’s website):


uniquela ninfa mia

uniquela tomat

uniquela arivka


I’m going to do another post just on Threads of Change. All their fabrics are sourced from Africa, and many of the patterns are discovered once, never to be found again. I spent a good deal of time chatting with partner, Laura Pursell; What an inspired and inspiring lady!

uniquela threads of change


I’d love to see more of these around town…

uniquela seed bombs


His reputation precedes him.

uniquela chihuahua and boy

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One Response to Unique LA: Penina’s Best of Show

  1. Sam says:

    I think the little onesie with the bike on it is so cool, and I LOVE the seed bombs!

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