One of my favorite course programs in the particular University of Life I happen to attend is Digital Fabric Printing with Spoonflower. I’ve been at it for years, and with each purchase—whether by me or another buyer, I have learned a little more about turning pattern ideas into beautiful, usable materials.

I always send a thank you note to buyers, and I always ask what they’re making. That’s because A: I’m dying to know, and B: knowing helps me learn a whole lot more about design for fabrics (and wallcoverings, too). Over time, I’ve figured out a way to ask that seems to result in the most replies, but it’s not a sure thing. There are still a few folks who remain convinced that what they’re making is none of my beeswax.

This buyer was one, and I’m almost over it.

Eight yards!

That’s 24 feet!!

On organic sateen!!!

Oh my gosh. Waitaminit.

OK, I’m back.

This rang a bell, so I dredged back through my Spoonflower messages, and found her!

Eight organic cotton sateen yards of my vibrant yellow Greathearted pattern will be magically transformed into a bedspread for a Mexican villa. My whole body is smiling—my shoulders, yeah ok my mouth, my feet, my eyebrows—everything.

Tribal Geometric:
GreatheartedGet Greathearted fabric, wall coverings and decals on Spoonflower

Starting at $15.75/yd.
Learn more or purchase now.

Cross your fingers for a photo of the finished project!

Also, get your own ?


2 Responses to What’ll she do with eight yards?

  1. Thanks, Julie!
    So far, no word 🙁

  2. Julie Finger says:

    I love ur stuff an hope you do get a pix. Good luck!!

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