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The Design Sweet Spot

Well, I do mention “Aesthetics,” and look! There’s “Brand Tone”… that’s sort of designy. But how do all those rather un-designy components add up to the glorious space in the middle? Where’s Composition? Contrast? Harmony? Are we really squishing it all into Aesthetics, and not even spelling it out?


Design is all these things, and a few more. This particular diagram (which I’ve used in a number of posts, here and elsewhere) focuses on design for the web.

Web design (and a bit of graphic design) is all this

It’s not that it’s so complicated, but that it is, in fact something that you, designer or not, are doing every day.

I am sure I’ll be coming back around to this, to clarify the idea that design is bigger than just looks, but less of a mystical superpower than some would have you believe.

To use home building as a metaphor: sure, designers pick out the throw pillows and wallpaper: but only after we’ve built a solid foundation, managed ventilation and positioned windows and doors for durable structure and optimal daylight.

In nature and in human fiddlings, exquisite form and elegant function can never really exist apart.

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