I was getting ready to post links to the last of Seth Godin’s Small is the New Big articles, when I stumbled upon an intriguing post on his blog:

They Didn’t Get the Memo

Essentially, if you are reading this (or Godin’s, or for that matter, anyone’s) blog, and your work/interests involve connecting with people, it’s important to keep in mind that most of them don’t live anywhere near your universe.

There are certainly other lessons to learn from this all-statistics post. Here are a couple:

  • 31.4% of Americans don’t have internet access
  • .37% of the US population reads the paper version of the New York Times daily.

An interesting fact about our particular household: We don’t have cable. So this statistic…

  • 98.2% of the households in the US have a TV, and virtually all of those TVs have cable.

… I will attempt to conceal from my son.


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