What’s a landing page?

(This isn’t the 40-second part.)

It’s a web page that, unlike a Home Page, is narrowly focused to receive and inspire specific action(s) from a specific type of potential customer. It’s the place they land (see what I did there?) after having clicked a link, perhaps in an ad.

Why you need a landing page

(This is the 40-second part.)

Why you need a landing pageAre you selling a product, service or idea?

A landing page is like the spine of a book in a book store (extreme example). Potential buyers are scanning the shelves. Their eyes pass over your book—for how long? seconds? There are studies on this. I can’t remember the exact number, but it’s probably obvious to you that the author has seconds, at most, to capture a buyer’s attention.

How long do you have to engage an online customer? Not much longer. They’ve clicked on your link and now they need to know why they should stick around… AND, what they should do next. Really.

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