Though I can’t divulge details, I’m permitted to share a couple of screenshots and wireframes from this new project.

iPad app design - home page - Penina S. Finger

iPad app design - overlay page - Penina S. Finger

This iteration had to happen in three days for an upcoming UX test window, so I fleshed out the first round of concepts in quick pencil sketches.

iPad app design - pencil wireframes - Penina S. Finger

Since I can create in Adobe Illustrator almost as quickly as I can think, I used it next in order to corral and finalize the emerging ideas.

iPad app design - wireframes for user flow - Penina S. Finger

After helpful sketches from the project lead and one extreme left turn, we leaped over to Photoshop for the final stage of the design process (layouts above).

It was a good start, and feedback from the tests is coming soon. I have no idea how much change there will be, but because we are at such an early stage, I predict some massive rethinking!



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