A most important question

When you set out to create a brochure, a website, or even a business card, do you ask, “What are my objectives?” What do I want it to achieve first, second and third?

That’s easier to answer when your business sells a simple product. It’s not so easy for service businesses, or for businesses that offer less-straightforward products (like customizable items).

Are you establishing credibility? Getting people to click a Buy button? Expanding your reach to more people or new markets? All those objectives are important, but which is your top priority? And what are the top two priorities after that? Any others need to be placed below those top three. Once they are decided, it’s much easier to decide how each part (back cover, individual web page, even your return address) can specifically work toward those objectives.

Now think about your website’s About page

With your objectives decided, your About page can become a potent, but tricky, piece of the puzzle.

Most businesses have an About page of some sort, and most of them are not making optimal use of it. Maybe they did make that list of objectives, but they probably didn’t think about how their About page would help meet them.

Without those objectives, you’re wasting your resources, or worse, missing an important opportunity to make your business really shine. In fact, it can be the About page that converts website visitors into customers.


The Cornett ad agency recently announced their new site and pointed readers straight to their About page. Why? Well, it’s different and lovely, but there’s more to it than that. Inspired by Hypebeast’s Style Essentials series, Cornett has managed to create a unique connection with potential customers. They paint a deeper, richer picture than a little bio and photo would have, and they’ve found a way to embody some of the qualities their ideal clients may be looking for in an ad agency: creativity, enthusiasm, vitality, honesty.

So, two things:

1. What is the purpose of your About page? and

2. Knowing that, what are some ways to uniquely align with that purpose?

Most people want their About page to be unique. One of the best ways to achieve it is to answer question #1.

You’ve probably already thought about how an About page establishes credibility, right? Other ideas, depending on your type of business, are:

  • Build trust by helping potential customers identify with your team
  • Call to Action: invite them to contact you (yes, from the About page… why wait?)
  • One approach to establishing credibility: max out the passion. Be real about it—people love authentic passion (don’t you?)
  • Expand your market: demonstrate how you and your team are relevant to the groups you want to reach

Those are only a few possible directions. Get in touch if you’d like to brainstorm with us about how you can amp up your site’s About page (or, for that matter, your site).


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