Your product is changing. Photo by Matthew Hull

Photo credit: Matthew Hull

Since you dreamt it up, made it happen, took it to market and sold your first product or service, something happened to it.

People used it.

They came away with something. They responded. They may or may not have reflected those experiences back to you, but either way… by using your product or your service, your buyers changed it.

If it’s a household consumable, maybe they broke it in two so it would last longer. If it’s business coaching advice, they took it home and applied it to family relationships. If it’s a music CD, they probably rearranged the songs, or added one song to a quirky playlist.

They made unexpected use of it. They adapted it to their needs and preferences. They saw something in it that you didn’t see.

You can keep plunking along, telling yourself it’s still the same product, or you can jump on that beautiful wave and learn how to ride it. It may feel like a horrible marketing mistake and look like flagrant misuse, but it’s actually some of the most sustainable success you could ask for. Use traditional means to ask questions and listen to the answers, or start getting real ROI for your social media efforts. The tools are out there: there has never been a better time to make use of them.

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